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    Welcome to The Healthy Brain and Body Centre of Beverly Hills!

    Hello, this is Dr. Joan Pastor.  I am a licensed clinical and industrial/organizational psychologist (PSY 21808).  Dr. Susan Gamble (PSY 17282) and I are proud to be part of a select group of psychologists who have special education and certifications in psychometrics.  Psychometrics is a specialized field in learning disability  and psychological testing.  All our affiliates here at the centre are also licensed and certified in their individual fields, or are working toward licensure and are properly supervised.

    The best way to introduce our centre is to help you understand our philosophy.  A wise man, Peter M. Senge, wrote a book a while back called The Fifth Discipline.  The focus of the book, which has been updated many times, is to show businesses how to be successful.

    You may be wondering why a psychologist who is focused on bringing people joy and healing would be talking about a book on business.  The reason is because Mr. Senge tells organizations very directly that if they want to succeed in life, there are two critical elements that they must always have a clear handle on.

    The first is Vision. You must have some idea of what you want out of life.  If you don’t, then you need to get that clear first, even if it is to know only what you want for the next ten minutes.  Your vision is based in what you value most about life, loved ones and yourself and what you feel is your purpose for being on this planet.

    But Vision is not enough.

    For example, there are a lot of people who have a great vision of seeing themselves with a lot of money.  They are very clear about this vision.  However, they continue to not have (enough) money.  One reason is because they might find over time that money is not as important to them as other things, so sometimes our priorities cause us to push our vision down.  However, I have found over 30 years of experience that your true Vision and purpose for being here never, ever goes away.

    But there is another, more powerful reason people do not achieve what they want, and this also comes from The Fifth Discipline.

    The second component to true, real inner and external success is what I call Knowing Current Reality.  This means that whenever you create a vision or a goal (a form of vision), you have to know where you currently stand in relationship to that vision.  For example, a clerk at a store says they plan to have a million dollars.  Currently, they are earning $10 an hour, 40 hours a week.  That is their current reality.  That clerk has to acknowledge this is the current reality and then seek out and learn how to close that gap.  This clerk could be brilliant at, well, clerking (is there such a word?), but if their vision and goal is to make a million dollars, then they need to go to the experts who will show them how to do that.  The clerk could just keep thinking “I’ll have a million dollars one day,” but until they learn how to make that happen, it will only be a vision and never a reality.

    Our goal at the Healthy Brain and Body Centre is to use our various expertises to help you do three things:

    1.  To create more joy in your life

    2.  To increase healing in your life

    3.  To give you the tools, knowledge and experience in how to create the vision that is truly right for you, to see clearly current reality, and to have the means to accomplish what you truly need and want.

    Your life is not static; it is a journey. Our goal is to help you find your true path and to increase your well-being (and the well-being of those around you) and your success in life.  In fact, this is our vision : your happiness and success, and that is also our current reality.   We  feel great joy and healing when we see you having the same.

    Everyone in this centre (and it is growing) has the expertise to help you.

    For more information, please contact our office at 310-892-0210 or 760-945-9767.  Or email us at info@healthybrainandbodybh.com.

    Take care.

    Joan Pastor, PhD